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I came oreoared with a bunch of bandaids, thinking that would be a good kit to have.  What I was unaware of was that I would need wound coverings, non stick gauze, antiseptics, iodine, gloves and so much more.   Wounds are all too frequent here, most of them are bodaboda related, and proper care is hard to come by.  Ashleigh slashed open her knee on a exposed underground pipe when falling on her boda, I burned my leg on Joshs motorcycle, I dented and cutmy legs on rocks when falling on a boda, Jason slashed and alomost lost his thumb on tile breaking, Walter fell as a pasenger on a bodaboda and gashed his knee open...the point being injuries are frequent and almost always very bad, but avoiding the clinic is always the goal.  All of these injuries require a well suplied first aid kit.

First Aid Supplies

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