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Schillings, Dollars, & Pesos Oh My!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The time has finally come where I have to bite the bullet and get to the nitty gritty of our trip to Uganda.

We have tickets leaving the 17th of February. We have return tickets for the end of August...all of this of course subject to change as visas are not for as long as our flights.

We will be renting a small hut in Bethany Village, a part of the non-profit run by African Renewal Ministries International (ARMs).

Bethany Village is located next to Develop Sustainability's property, so we take a short 5 minute walk through the brush to get to work everyday.

I will be working in the Fish Farm, tending to the garden, assisting visiting teams with scheduling/planning and working with the House Mamas & kids. I will also be starting a domestic violence support group using Mending the Soul as the guide. I went through Mending the Soul a few years ago to deal with the abuse that I have experienced in my life. I have used the book and materials to work through different aspects of my abuse on my own as well since being apart of the group. I have had miraculous accomplishments (in my personal opinion) and believe that it will be a great tool for the women of the village.

Mending the Soul also has some staffers that are in country and I will be turning to them for support and guidance. I am excited for this part of my adventure but also very scared for the spiritual warfare that I will inevitably deal with. This is big work that the devil wont want in that village and I know that I will be going through it.

Robinson will be needing a tutor while we are there. I am going to use the Ex Pat groups to find someone and hopefully that will not be too costly for us. The school in Bethany Village is closing and really wasn't na option for Robinson as education in Uganda is more memorization than education. He is too bright to not get a proper education. I am trying out different curriculums while we are State side and hopefully we will find the right now to take back with us for him to thrive through.

While my Young Living business is still growing we are looking for monthly donors to help us through these first few stages. I have invested all of my savings for the last trip and to get us back but I know that if I do not find other people to join us in this mission it will not be sustainable.

I struggle to ask for help, especially as our mission on the peninsula is to find sustainable solutions to poverty, and asking for money from people is not sustainable. It is however a great catalyst for this stage for our lives while we build our future in the Mukono District of Uganda.

Our monthly budget is $1950 USD to cover rent, food, transportation, school fees, visas/responsibilites and hopefully the ability to buy tickets home when visas expire. We have two monthly donors so far and I am looking for about $1500 a month more. Really that means 30 people willing to donate 50 tax deductible dollars a month.

If you want your donation to be tax deductible CLICK HERE to donate to our campaign.

I also want to mention that I am building my business as well, so if you're looking for clean healthy products for you and your family from household care to personal/emotional care please check out my Young Living page. It is more than just essential oils but let me tell you those oils are life changing and amazing. If you are unable to become a member at this time or just want to try some oils out please feel free to contact me at I place monthly orders and can include one or more for you to try out if you're interested. I started with a bottle of lavender and now my whole life is consumed by these amazing products.

If you want to know more about what we do at Develop Sustainability follow the link to read more.

If you want to COME and JOIN in this great work ALL are welcome to join us. We have teams coming all year long. Be a part of what we are doing! Everyone has something to offer…

Bring a teams of local trades people, volunteers or bring your business staff to Uganda to help us teach and build. Come serve with us, and support Uganda through community projects. Move to Uganda, train, build and teach. Visit Uganda and host a 1-5 day Training Workshop for apprentices, the community or both. Possibilities are endless.

For more information, send emails to:

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