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Recharge Time (never got posted so its one from the vault)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We have officially been in country for 3 months now. Our visas expired, our energy expired and our time to refill became very necessary.

We paid for our visa extensions on Tuesday the 13th, and then headed out for some recharge time in Gulu, Uganda on the Friday the 16th and returned home on Monday the 19th.

We rented a Air BnB so that we could all have our own rooms and have some alone peaceful time.

(Robinson and I went with our housemate and my boyfriend)

We found a great hotel that we liked but when we learned that you can pay to use the amenities and not have to stay there we were like.... “uh...I’ll take the cheaper route thanks!” Lol

So rather than spending 1,225,000 schillings A NIGHT for the room at the Hotel, we spent 250,000 for the whole time lol That gave us a huge fenced in gated yard for Robinson to play in and 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. It was quite nice.

We then spent a small 10,000 to use the gym for a few hours and then 10,000 for adults and 5,000 for kids for the pool. Much cheaper route, and we really enjoyed our time there hanging out, the Hotel also made fresh passion fruit juice, so Ashleigh and I definitely drank a few of those haha :) lovely beverage.

We enjoyed most of our meals at another NGO called Elefante Cafe. It was great food and delicious beverages. I got some amazing soaps from there as well.

We were able to visit our friend David who now lives in Gulu, he was the one that drove us around the peninsula every day the last two times we came to Uganda. Robinson got to go on a tour of the city and surrounding area with David on Sunday after church. He was in heaven it is his favorite thing to ride on the front of a Bodaboda with David. They honestly spent hours doing it last year haha

David also went swimming with us which was so wonderful. Robinson was able to truly have a fun filled weekend.

Josh and I had a great date night at the hotel Sunday evening. Sunday was my favorite time, we went to church, had a great lunch, worked out, swam, and went on a date. Basically my perfect day haha

I will include some photos so you can see what it was like. So enjoy

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