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Following a Calling

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Hello Friends & Family!

Robinson and I have been seeking God’s heart and direction for our lives. I took some time this fall/winter, got rid of distractions like spending time with friends & entertainment and chose to dedicate time to meditate and talk to Yahweh about what He was trying to tell us.

As the messages started to flow in, the anxiety hit. This is a calling that has never left my life but I had put my own personal restrictions on. I used to tell my God when and how He could use me. I recognize now that’s simply not an option. I am a vessel to be used, and now with lots of talking with my Father I know that He has great plans for both Robinson and I so I choose to walk in faith in that calling.

Robinson and I will be entering the mission field later this year. Our plan as of right now is me heading out in October with Robinson quickly following behind. While I can not give tons of details because there are not a ton to give. I am excited to say:


There is still so much work to take place before that happens with raising of finances being the main one.

I would love to invite you to join us in this journey. I am a consultant for Young Living essential oils, something that has helped both Robinson and I in ways we never imagined. I am using it as a fundraising opportunity. Not only will you receive the benefits of the oils, but you will be supporting us financially as well…

While I am not opposed to someone just handing us money, I believe that when we are able to mutually help each other the blessings are abundant.

If oils do not interest you nor do you have the finances to support us monetarily I ask you to join our prayer team by subscribing to the mailing list here on the blog.

One thing that I told Yahweh when He placed the call on my heart 3 years ago to go back to full time missions work was I needed a husband, someone to essentially do the work so that I could care for Robinson. Putting terms on callings isn’t really His thing you see, and when I was put into a situation where all my helpers were unable to help and I had Robinson non stop while working…and we made it.

We didn’t just make it but we crushed it…my Lord gave me the courage I needed to see that a man/husband wasn’t what was missing from my life for the calling, but the faith.

I was lacking the faith I needed to trust His will for my life, I lack no longer and can no wait to practically work for His Kingdom.

As of now the plan is to work with my friends Brenda and Jason Sommer with Develop Sustainability out of the Mekong District of Uganda. The primary focus being the construction of aquaponic fish farms and hydroponic vegetation growth. Essentially teaching men how to teach men how to fish.

When people have asked me how I have gotten through the trials that I have endured be it abuse, placement of a child, single parenthood, homelessness, rape or even grave debt my simple answer is Jesus. The God that humbled Himself into the form of a man and taught us how we should live. I am a huge hypocrite, this I know…but I also know I am redeemed as I continue to work on my words, actions and thoughts.

While I am not perfect I am uniquely designed to be used in a country where the terrible things that happened to me are simply everyday norms.

Help us help them!

Thank You!

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Below is the site you can visit to sign up & order oils

And check out to see the work that is going on right now!


Credit: Molly Lolly Photography

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